Growing Chillies From Seed

One simple solution is using stepping stones. Stepping stones in your lawn and garden can serve two good purposes. For one, they take up space. For instance, in case your grass is not doing well, distract attention from it by placing stepping stones in addition to the grass as to produce a design or a path. Another function stepping stones serve is a walkway to and from. It is likely that the grass or mud will get your feet wet and grimy and then you have to pull that in the house with you when it rains out. You’ll be able to avoid stepping in the mud on rainy days, by using stepping stones. Stepping stones also can offer a range of colors or one bold color of your choice. If you’ve got a poor lawn to start with, consider using stepping stones in case you’ve.

It’s very easy to grow dahlias as cut flowers in planters. Be sure your planter is deep enough to accommodate the big root system. When growing in containers, make sure you water dahlias during the flowering season and routinely feed once a week with a high potash feed to make sure you’ve plenty cut flowers all summer long.

are attracted by wet garden and home often attract ants. If moisture from plants is attracting the ants, there is an easy remedy. Raise the plants upward so that the earth is not touching. This keeps moisture from collecting.

Sowing annuals in borders is a simple and affordable way of filling space during the summer months. These plants can either be sown as seeds earlier in the season or bought and planted as young plants. Either way they’ll keep on blooming right until the end of the season. The same thing could be carried out to fill #TAG12 garden and home which can subsequently be used to up veranda spaces or bare corners of the garden. There are many summer annuals available on the market, so here are a couple of of my favourites; some unusual plants too as those that may provide the most excellent value for money.

Pinch out the tops of tomatoes that are outdoor as additional fruits are not likely to ripen. Nevertheless, you can leave them to fruit if you intend to make green tomato chutney. Towards the end of the month sweetcorn should be prepared and ripe to pick. Plant out strawberry runners which have rooted and pot some up in the greenhouse for early fruiting next season. Stake brussel sprout plants which have grown tall to prevent them being blown over. Towards the end of the month spring that is young cabbage onions can be reaped and plants can be planted out. Hang or lay them out in a dry airy place to dry out before storing.


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